cashew allergy

cashew allergy

A cashew allergic reaction doesn’t invariably develop in childhood. you’ll be able to develop a tree nut allergic reaction at any purpose in your life. What happens is that your body thinks a substance is harmful – which will be mold, dander, or food. Scientists haven’t worked out why this happens.

Food allergies have an effect on over fifteen million individuals within the U.S. Every year. Cashew and different tree nut allergies impact roughly ninety,000 people.

If you think that you may have a cashew allergic reaction, keep reading. We’ll reconsider the symptoms, treatments and food alternatives to cashews.

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Cashew allergic reaction Symptoms
A hypersensitive reaction to cashews usually seems right once being exposed to cashews.

It’s necessary to notice that you simply don’t get to eat cashews to possess associate degree hypersensitive reaction. If your allergic reaction is severe, associate degree hypersensitive reaction will occur by touching cashews.

Symptoms will include:

Itchy mouth and throat, eyes or skin
Difficulty swallowing
A liquid nose or nasal congestion
Shortness of breath
Nausea, abdomen cramps, or symptom
Anaphylaxis is that the most severe reaction and it are often critical. Your lips and tongue could swell, and you will realize it exhausting to talk or breathe. If that happens, instantly ask for medical facilities.

When aversions in kids are studied, it absolutely was found that fifty have skin irritations reminiscent of hives, twenty-fifth has a tough time respiration, and 17 November have enteric problems.

Cashew allergic reaction Treatment

The best treatment for cashew allergies is interference. meaning avoiding cashews and product that will contain cashews. that needs rigorously reading labels of product at the market and asking queries once ingestion out. you’ll be able to ne’er be too careful.

You may be allergic to different tree buggy further as cashews. It’s best to hunt medical attention, therefore, you recognize precisely what you’re allergic to.

Since nut allergies are one in every of the highest causes of hypersensitivity reaction within the U.S., your doctor could advise you to hold associate degree auto-injector to treat anaphylaxis.

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Food Alternatives to Cashews

Are you searching for an alternative to cashews? There are some choices out there to contemplate.

Other buggies seem to be the foremost obvious various to cashews. Check to form certain you’re not allergic to different buggy before you reach for one or two of almonds.

Another various is edible fruit reminiscent of dates, figs or apricots. the edible fruit is often a superb substitute for cashews in salads and a few foods. they’ll add flavor and fiber to your diet.

Do you just like the crisp texture of cashews? in this case, crisp cold cereal or seeds are often an honest substitute for cashews. offer helianthus seeds or pumpkin seeds an attempt.


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